We've all fallen for Pinterest's allure a few times. The boards, the curation, the endless ideas! Let's be honest, bestie: how much DIY do you actually want to do? If you're not crafty or creative, the answer is "not much." That's where Wee Weddings comes in.

Go easy on yourself. Go all-inclusive.

Wee Weddings offers all-inclusive elopement or microwedding packages that include coordination, photography, and officiating. With us, you can leave the main vendors and details to us, and simply focus on choosing the perfect date and location for your Pittsburgh wedding. We also specialize in incorporating personal touches that reflect your unique style and story.

We're small and mighty.

We like to handle the tough stuff – like how many cookies are really needed for a Pittsburgh cookie table anyway? – when it comes to planning, coordinating, officiating, and photographing your special day. This way, you can focus on the fun stuff, like what to wear and what vows to write.

OK, sounds great, but who are you?

We're the lucky ones who get to cover the most important bases for your day. We're a team of creative types. Doers and makers with a thing for romcoms and long walks on the beach. We really love love... and wedding cake. But more importantly, we're coworkers turned friends. And we're dedicated to working together to pull off the best tiny weddings Pittsburgh can offer.

Ready to get started?

Don't want months of stress? Not into planning? Hate being in the spotlight? We understand. Let us handle your stress-free and low-key elopement or microwedding. Excited to meet you!

Let's go!